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Extra ground clearance, suspension travel and increased load carrying capacity are just a few of the reasons why people raise the height of a 4WD or commercial vehicle.
However, when a vehicle is raised, standard length shocks will in some cases, no longer fit correctly.
Quite often the standard length shocks will not reach their mounting points or will become "topped out" when used in harsher terrain. A standard length shock on a raised vehicle can severely restrict suspension travel or worse, break the shock absorber or the mounting points from the vehicle.
Just as too short a shock is a problem, so to is too long a shock. In this case, it is also possible to break shock absorbers or mounting points off the vehicle. Therefore careful measurement of the vehicle shock mounting points and bump stops must be done for correct shock length selection.
In summary, whenever you're fitting coil or leaf springs to a vehicle or if your vehicle is higher than standard, pay attention to details and have the shock absorber dimensions checked before installing your shocks!.
If you need help, give us a call, submit an inquiry or simply call into one of branches today and we will be able measure and recommend the right shock absorber for you.


IMPORTANT - Durashock Strut BulletinII

Durashock Struts offer adjustable spring seat height for up to 2" or 50mm lift using your standard OE springs. The purpose of this bulletin is to advise that the use of additional spacers with raised coils will limit the available upward travel which may result in internal damage and void your strut warranty.DD