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Lift kits have a way of transforming your truck. They can turn an ordinary truck into an eye-catching, off road dominating masterpiece. And it's usually the first and most significant step in achieving your extra off road freedom.
Looking for an uplifting experience ... then you've definately come to the right place.
When you hear someone talking about lift kits, what they usually mean are suspension lift kits.
These kits add ground clearance and suspension flexibility. And of course they also make room for those tires and wheels that round off your complete off road package.
Available in 50mm (2")* raise, standard and heavy duty for all quality four-wheel drives and up to 150mm (6")* raised for some models, there's almost no limit to where our kits can take you.
Owners of Mitsubishi Triton 4x4 vehicles also benefit from our custom made single piece driveshaft which allows us to offer the maximum lift possible, without any vibration and further information is on the resource at the bottom of this page. We can also custom manufacture tailshafts for most other popular 4x4 vehicles as well.
Central to our lift kits are our Durashock range of high performance 4WD shock absorbers.
Our suspension products are built to last, built to perform and built to delight.
Durashock's shock absorber range have up to 2.5mm outer tube walls (almost twice as thick as regular tubes) thus increasing strength and durability and protects the insides from almost everything a tyre can throw at it.
We use premium dampener oil which enhances performance and increases the shock's resistance to heat and aeration - minimising fade and maximising durability and our shock absorbers feature hard wearing baked enamel finish which stops rust and corrosion and looks great! and feature an inbuilt hydraulic stop which reduces 'top out' damage.
Temperature resistant triple lip gas seals maintains an airtight seal on the piston rod and ensures nitrogen stays in and contaminants stay out.
By using a tough as nails precision engineerd 18mm hardened chrome, high-sheen, long-travel piston rod, our Durashock range of high performance shock absorbers are strong enough to lift extreme loads over the roughest terrain, long enough to handle serious articulation, and smooth enough to provide an abrasion free airtight seal.
The high temperature nitrile black rubber (NBR) seals we use increase pressure chamber integrity, enhance shock response and reduce heat transfer while the tough twin tube design again increases performance and virtually eliminates aeration while protecting the shock's inner 'heart.'
Durashock use Nitrogen gas for sharp responsive performance and almost no fade or cavitation and the custom 36mm big bore piston with teflon seals minimises valve lag when the going gets tough.
The multi-stage, velocity sensitive action, actively matches oil flow to the conditions, improving handling, comfort and most importantly... control.
The end mounted multi-stage compression valves control oil transfer and smooth out the road imperfections, while the super tough high performance rubber bushes reduce road noise, and provide you with a smoother, sharper ride.
Talk to one of our friendly, experienced suspension professionals today, to get a price on a lift kit that will take you even further off the beaten track.



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